Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Invisible Man Seen?

THE FUTURIST! tried out his acting chops in his younger years at Henrik Ibsen High School in Utter Despair, N.J.. Being insecure and terribly neurotic, however, he decided, after being asked by his good friend Howard Reckson (director of the Talent Show) to perform and contribute writing to the show, to perform something that would help him hide from the audience. His decision, also, provided him an "armor" of sorts against his stage fright. He performed this moment from James Whale's THE INVISIBLE MAN completely swathed in bandages and sported a dashing smoking jacket and white gloves. In a rather distressing choice of supporting casting, the fiancee Flora was portrayed by a thin girlishly attractive 17 year old Charles Bender in female drag. Charles was still trying to find himself ... and THE FUTURIST! hopes he did, by now.

In the spirit of SHOCKtober and the mention of Henrik Ibsen High School, this photo has come to THE FUTURIST!'s attention recently. Could this be THE YOUNG FUTURIST! at age 17 sporting a hideous gold sport coat and polyester blue and gold necktie? And look at that scary poised robotic head tilting applied by a moustached oily Board of Education paid photographer! And that smile ... hiding pure utter despair.


kazu said...

Ha! What a treasure. THE YOUNG FUTURIST!

Eoin said...

That photo isn't nearly as embarrassing as you described it, THE FUTURIST!

I wonder what year it was taken in...

Dara said...

Revealed! Is that really The Young Futurist!? If you had a moustache in that photo you'd look a bit like Ron Burgundy. Very classy!



A treasure? Perhaps. The coat is the color of pirate treasure.


THE FUTURIST! has a hard time looking at the past. He posted for theraputic reasons.


They could be the REAL YOUNG FUTURIST!, Dara. Classy? A Ron Burgandy look-a-like without a moustache? Hmmm ... could be the coat.

Paul (Random Numbers) said...

THE FUTURIST!, you were quite the handsome young man, surely you got all the girls? :)