Monday, October 26, 2009

8mm Monster Memories

So many memories as THE YOUNG FUTURIST! regarding monsters ... oh so many. One memory that was recently brought back was the discovery of a shoe box in back of a closet. The box contained, amongst other forgotten objects, several small cardboard boxes from Castle Films. THE YOUNG FUTURIST!'s father had an 8mm projector and Castle Films produced these little tiny reels of abridged Universal horror classics. They would take THE WOLFMAN, DRACULA or ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN and cut them down to 8 minute movies; excising most of the story but still creating a fast paced idea of the original film ... little plot and all the action. THE YOUNG FUTURIST! has in his possession this particular film below. It is one of the many repetitious Lon Chaney Jr. Mummy movies .. in this case, THE MUMMY'S TOMB.

... and more kid 8mm monster mayhem ... here's a compilation of creative attempts of movie madness by kids inspired by monsters. THE YOUNG FUTURIST! had an 8mm camera, too. However, after filming his two reel epic about a detective who steals robbery money from a deserted hotel hide-away and suffers the wrath of the dead zombie robbers, he realized, after it was developed at The Utter Despair Pharmacy, that he had left the lens cap on. The pain of Life started very very early for THE FUTURIST!.


christian said...

We're on the same monster page. I was going to post some 8mm box covers. I always wanted these. I only have the super 8 50 foot STAR WARS...

Dara said...

Ah, lens cap. Tough break, Mr F!.



THE FUTURIST! looks forward to those 8mm box covers. Finding one and then finding out it is rare and worth about $30 was SHOCKtastic!


Oh, it was a crushing discovery. THE FUTURIST! thinks you'll understand mot of all. His pre-pubescent self wept silently alone in the bathroom.