Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Stick a Sharp Spook Stick in My Ear

Here's something really scary ... the star of countless Hammer Horror films Mr. Christopher Lee warbling a tune in his stentorian style. The tune is from The Threepenny Opera ... in actual German.

You didn't finish listening to it, did you?

Let's see how long you last with this terrifying rendition of the Carly Simon classic pop tune YOU"RE SO VAIN. Ladies and Gentlemen, THE FUTURIST! presents the blood curdling maiming of a melody by Tony Randell and Jack Klugman "singing" as their ODD COUPLE characters Felix and Oscar.

THE FUTURIST! wants to die.


Dara said...

That odd couple version was brilliant!
"Yes, this song is about me!"

I remember hearing about Christopher Lee's singing career before, but I'd never actually heard him sing until now. I think it could be great with the right material. This one just sounds like he's cursing everything.

Eliminator_of_Bullshit said...

I love Christopher Lee's voice, as deep as time itself.



Christopher Lee is known for his acting, singing and as one of the best known swordsman in film.


A poetic response.