Friday, October 16, 2009

Introducing The Gentleman of Leisure

The Gentleman of Leisure relaxes

More of THE FUTURIST! news from The Emerald Isle.

THE FUTURIST! has been in contact with The Gentleman of Leisure. As many find THE FUTURIST! to be a mysterious figure, so does THE FUTURIST!, likewise, finds The Gentleman of Leisure. The only information THE FUTURIST! has ascertained is that The Gentleman resides in Galway, Ireland, drinks Jameson Whiskey, is not employed, appears disheveled in appearance (though he does dress very impressively), is overly confident and must own a laptop. Why must he own a lap top computer? Well, this is how he communicates with THE FUTURIST!. Recently, he even sent several communiques while riding public transportation.

The mysterious Gentleman is a very amusing debonair fellow and THE FUTURIST! will continue to engage him in electronic communication. Asking for a photograph, THE FUTURIST! received the visual above. The Gentleman looks very relaxed and cool and straight out of a 1960s Fellini or Richard Lester film. THE FUTURIST! likes that.

In honor of SHOCKtober, THE FUTURIST! asked The Gentleman for his five favorite horror/scary/thriller films. The Gentleman wanted to add many James Whale films, since he admires his work, but refrained to provide variety. Perhaps, in the future, The Gentleman will provide more lists ... we shall see.


(in chronological order and with his own commentary)

1. Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
A bizarre, silent "documentary" that features the director as the
devil at one terrifying point. Whereas most horror films become cheesy
with age, I think silent ones become eerier.

2. The Invisible Man (1933)
I've included only one of James' films, for variety. This was the film
that got me into classic cinema. Aspects of the film might seem
laughable now, but there's still something quite scary in Claude
Raine's demented vocal performance.

3. Eyes Without a Face (1960)
Not a great film, but one with some really eerie moments. Also, a
Billy Idol song.

4. Don't Look Now (1973)
Nicolas Roeg's bizarre tale of loss is the one film out of this list
that genuinely freaked me out. Also, has Julie Christie in the nip.

5. Scream (1996)
A clever take on the slasher film. It dissects the genre, while still
fitting nicely into it. I remember the opening scene being scary when
I was a lad, though I haven't seen it in years. Very influential on
popular culture, for better or worse.

THE FUTURIST! approves greatly in the choosing of THE INVISIBLE MAN and DON'T LOOK NOW. The Gentleman has good taste in his horror, as well in his clothes.

Thank you, Sir.


Dara said...

Such style and sophistication! Good list too. Personally, I'd prefer Richard Lester over Fellini, though!


He is very sophisticated. THE FUTURIST! envies his mode of La Dolce Vida. Wonder if he is independently wealthy? He is always lolling about without a care.

feliciaoftheforest said...

is the gentleman attached?



Not sure if The Gentleman of Leisure is attached to anyone. It would appear, however, that he would attract the ladies, but ... would he have the energy to enact upon the attention?

christian said...

Still haven't seen DON'T LOOK NOW. Will rectify for SHOCKTOBER!

christian said...

And yes, Claude Rains was the suavest Universal motherfucker of all time.

feliciaoftheforest said...

i'm sure he's very energetic.

Paul (Random Numbers) said...

The Gentlemen seems like a fine fellow. Will he feature again THE FUTURIST!?



Perhaps you can direct The Gentleman to the forest you inhabit.

Paul (Random Numbers):

THE FUTURIST! is always willing to feature The Gentleman of Leisure again on this blog. He seems to be a valuable asset. But. it is entirely up to The Gentleman.

glenn said...

That gentleman should get a job. And it looks like hes drinking tea and not whisky.

feliciaoftheforest said...

the gentleman can enter my forest anytime.