Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday Music from a Film That Means a Lot

THE FUTURIST! feels a bit melancholy today ... but when doesn't he? Being that par for the course, his Saturday music post for today is a bit of music of lament from a movie that means very much to him ... so very much. One day perhaps, he will reveal why BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID is such an important movie in his life, but for now let him just present this bit of music without much explanation. The composer of the score that many questioned at its release is by Burt Bacharach. A western with music by Burt Bacharach ... ah ... there you have the criticism. THE FUTURIST! says, "Who cares?!!"

Listen and think of your regrets:

composed by Burt Bacharach
from the film

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Music Expressing a Weather Report

There has been a heat wave embracing the United States and THE FUTURIST! has felt it's horrible humid, sticky, suffocating, stinky hug every single minute in Utter Despair, NJ. Oh, it is so so hot. One must find shelter in their home and shopping malls and their own place of employment ... that is if these places have air conditioners or central air cooling systems. Thankfully most are equipped with the environmentally controlled cooling invention of Man's Ingenuity in beating the heat. THE FUTURIST! leaves one cooled dwelling for another ... into his car ... then into another place of air conditioning. The other night, THE FUTURIST! left a building and it was dark and still ... just the sound of buzzing cicadas ... and the air was so thick and wet ... it felt like he was inhaling aerosol canned cheese spray. He was carrying some papers and they started to curl from the humidity. His clothing immediately felt like it had shrunk and adhered itself to his limbs and other areas not to be mentioned that are covered by unmentionables. The atmosphere felt other worldly ... as if he had walked onto the surface of Mars or Jupiter.

Today it felt like the heat wave had subsided a bit. It was not as humid ... still rather warm. THE FUTURIST! does not like the heat or the Summer Time.

Please listen to Mr. Cole Porter's song about heat and not wanting to do much of anything ... especially "pitching the woo" when it's just too too hot.

performed by Ella Fitzgerald
written by Cole Porter

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

See You Next Wednesday!

dir: Mark L. Lester

Woody Quotes

Hobie: "God, you, uh, you look, uh ... you look very pretty in this candlelight."

Melinda: "Well, I'm sure anyone would look amazing with all these flickering shadows and all the wine you're drinking."

Hobie: "Right, right, uh ... well, I-I-I'm - I'm drinking because life moves so fast ... so unpredictably. You know, it's-it's over so fast and in the end what is it? Chekhov said a soap bubble."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Music that Says it All Using a Fruit Metaphor

This clip from PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (1981)
does what it does very well. 'nuff said.
Except to add that the cherries at the bottom
of THE FUTURIST!'s bowl are a bit mushy.


from the film PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (1981)
performed by Walter S. Harrah, Gene Merlino,
Vern Rowe, Robert Tebow and Al Vescovo
Mimed onscreen by Steve Martin,
Bernadette Peters, and Jessica Harper

Friday, July 15, 2011

"This is Gon-na Hurt More Then When Snape Killed Dumble-dore!"

Yes, it will hurt much more ...

THE FUTURIST! learned through a very reliable source that
this song was performed in full dress and make-up outside
The Hive Multi-Megaplex midnight showing of

Prepare to receive a Stupify-ing Curse.

(THE FUTURIST! wished he had been there concealed
under James Potter's Invisibility Cloak)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


THE LONE GUNMEN was a spin-off of THE X-FILES.
It featured a trio of characters that were
acquaintances of FBI agent Mulder. They were three nerds
of high intelligence and high paranoia. However, oft times,
their seemingly loony suspicions of government malfeasance
and cover-ups had a basis in cold hard truth.

THE FUTURIST! liked this short lived show and its quirky humor.
It was not always good, but never uninteresting.

Created by Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and
two writers that usually wrote some of the best of THE X-FILES
episodes of the series' run - Vince Gilligan and John Shiban.

Both Gilligan and Shiban are currently behind
the wonderful original AMC series BREAKING BAD.

See You Next Wednesday!

REAL LIFE (1979)
dir: Albert Brooks

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woody Quotes

Peter: "Is there anything more frightening other than the destruction of the world?"

Lloyd: "The knowledge that it doesn't matter one way or the other ... it's all random ... resonating aimlessly out of nothing and eventually vanishing forever. I'm not talking about the world. I'm talking about the universe ... all space ... all time ... just a temporary convulsion."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Music for Leaving

THE FUTURIST! attended a "going away" festivity of sorts. It was a gathering of co-workers who were saying goodbye to one who decided she had had enough. This person of THE FUTURIST!'s acquaintance may not be going to anywhere better financially or appropriate to her educational background, but the parachuting from the the huge airliner of despair, aggravation, humiliation and tedious disregard for her as a human being was an escape that had to be made. She decided to unlatch the cargo door, suffer the powerful winds of the high altitudes of Life and ... leap. THE FUTURIST! just hopes she pulls the parachute cord before she hits the ground at high plummeting speed.

In between laughing, gossiping and assorted appetizers and plenty of booze, the gatherers at this departure party decided to partake of a little karaoke. THE FUTURIST! is not one to indulge in such frivolity, but he was asked to pick an appropriate tune for the guest of honor to lend her not-so-perfect pipes of vocalization to and ... as usual, THE FUTURIST! leans to his favorite composer of the 20th century ... Mr. Burt Bacharach. In this case, THE FUTURIST! chose this song from the Broadway show PROMISES, PROMISES that Mr. Bacharach and his lyricist Hal David wrote the music for to the book written by Neil Simon based on the film THE APARTMENT.

THE FUTURIST! knows it is a song about a woman expressing her emotions in respect as to when to depart from a relationship ... but, he felt that it matched the night's theme.

Please Listen:

music by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
performed by Jill O'Hara

P.S. Those that attended loved the rendition and the music. Bacharach never disappoints.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Music for "Summer Jammin'" with Dr. Porto

Summer time is a season of memories past and future. THE FUTURIST! finds certain songs evoke those childhood flashbacks of fun, frolics, fantasy and, sometimes, regret. Everyone has those certain Summer Time Songs locked away in their brain memory vaults. The tumblers on those vaults can be easily twirled to and fro to unlock visions when hearing melodies.

Speaking of the mind and the psychological and such, Dr. Porto, THE FUTURIST!'s acquaintance of psychiatry, happens to be a good conversationalist and all around bright personality, even though he is a horrible person. The Doctor isn't entirely 100% evil. He can, occasionally, be kind and generous ... but only for brief moments. He is seeing a counsellor regarding these faults in himself.

But, the point of this Saturday Music post is not Dr. Porto's predisposition for being manipulative and Machiavellian. This post is about Summer Time Memories through Music. Dr. Porto suggested this piece by Yuck. THE FUTURIST! when he first heard Dr. Porto utter the name of the band Yuck, mistakenly thought Dr. Porto was verbally expressing a reaction to his new hounds tooth summer sport coat. After a brief misunderstanding, THE FUTURIST! was made to understand Yuck was the name of a band and Dr. Porto was "Summer Jammin'" to on his outdoor deck while toasting Naan Bread on his grill. Dr. Porto was listening and reminiscing about his Summer Time Romance with Nurse Lutz years ago. It was a memory filled with sunshine, the Jersey seashore, beautiful skies, wine coolers, Xanax, some sort of cat tranquilizer and the terrible way Nurse Lutz stood him up in order to go on a road trip with her voluptuous girlfriends to the Hamptons.

Yuck brought back those memories ... both in music and reaction. Dr. Porto was filled with nostalgia tinged with love and depression.

THE FUTURIST! visited for awhile, ate Indian food and watched Dr. Porto leaf through an Asian Modeling catalogue. It was a beautiful day. Low humidity and perfect for Summer Memories.


performed by YUCK