Thursday, October 8, 2009

Universal Horror: Monster Montage

THE FUTURIST! found this excellently edited montage of old school Universal horror films. It is accompanied by that creepy opening credit music from Kubrick's THE SHINING. It fits quite well. During this presentation you will see a clip of Renfield from DRACULA creeping across the floor toward the unconscious body of a chambermaid. THE FUTURIST! imitated this move in his youth. He crawled with eerie stealth toward his sleeping dog Mitzi. "Blood blood life!" THE YOUNG FUTURIST! intoned as he approached the prone pet. AS he raised a claw posed hand over her collared neck, Mitzi awoke and licked THE YOUNG FUTURIST!'s face. Life is not like the movies. * sigh *


Dara said...

That was surprisingly subtle!



Did you post this from a laptop on an Irish bus? A surprisingly unique way to communicate to THE FUTURIST! You watched a Universal Monster Montage while traveling in a public conveyance.

Dara said...

Yes, I posted the message on the bus, but actually watched the video eating my breakfast, before rushing for said bus!