Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Music for a Peeping Tom

Many directors work again and again with the same composer of music for their films. THE FUTURIST! can think of Spielberg with John Williams, Blake Edwards with Henry Mancini and Hitchcock with Bernard Herrmann. Today's Saturday music is from another pair of artists who colaborated many times; a film directed by Brian De Palma and scored by Pino Donaggio. BODY DOUBLE is not thought of as much as other De Palma thrillers, but it has its own unique perverse charm. It incorporates all the Hitchcock tropes that De Palma employs (or steals) and then heightens them, in his usual style, to a degree of orgasmic cinematic perversity. While watching this film you see shades of REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO and hear Donaggio's playful, erotic and extremely 80s style of movie score; a synthesizer, a siren song of temptation with a recurrent sinister rattle of a snake. It titillates you with seductive menace.


(from the film BODY DOUBLE - 1984)
composed by Pino Donaggio


Dara said...

Haven't actually seen this one. Like the score though. Anything with a synthesizer gets my vote.



You are very 80s. Irish 80s, but very 80s.

Oh, you like this one? Interesting. What do you like; the female "oohing and "aahing"? Or just the syntesizer?

Dara said...

Bit of both really. Seems like it could be used as a good theme, but I doubt Brian DePalma used it well!