Monday, October 5, 2009

SHOCKtober Double Feature!

THE FUTURIST! kneels in awe before these examples of vintage Universal Monster Movie poster art presentations circa 1931-32. Just gaze at the illustrative technique and color ... what pre-pubescent lad in his 1930s knickers, knee socks and argyle sweater vest wouldn't be in a state of suspended disbelief, not even aware of the drool forming on his lower lip as he stared, mouth agape, at these pictorial promises of silver screen wonders awaiting inside his neighborhood theater? The "fantastic Sensation" of an invisible man and a wrapped Egyptian mummy coming to life portrayed by "Karloff the Uncanny"! THE FUTURIST! feels faint ... he needs a double feature of vermouth and Vikingfjord Norwegian Vodka.


Dara said...

It's funny the way the monsters are always portrayed as being green on the posters. I didn't think much of The Mummy as a film. It has been years since I watched it though.

kazu said...

These are fantastic posters. My favorite part of visiting Universal studios was seeing their vintage horror movie posters and stills as I waited in line at the haunted house.



Yes, THey do appear green. It's funny because after gazing at quite a few DVD horror film covers, one notices tat green is used a lot. Is it a scary color?

THE MUMMY is actually almost a re-do of DRACULA ... just with bad skin.


If only posters like this were created today ... so many more o admire ... maybe a SHOCKtober feature!