Friday, October 30, 2009

Mmmm ... Candy Corn!

THE FUTURIST! doesn't like Candy Corn, yet he can't resist it. Is that confusing? Maybe ... anyhow, THE FUTURIST! remembers getting lots of Candy Corn in his trick or treat bag on Halloween. He recalls eating so much of it once that he vomited. He could not stop chewing one piece after another. It was irresistible, yet disgusting. It's just pure sugar colored with dyes and gleaned with edible wax. Watch this video from the Food Network and they will explain "Mouth Feel" It's all about Mouth Feel. Yes. THE FUTURIST! wants his mouth to feel that sugary mass and eat it all up and then get a tummy ache and ... upchuck. And, yes, he'll eat it again.


christian said...

Strangely enough, the archetypal Halloween candy makes me wanna vomit. Trick!

Dara said...

"Due to Copyright, this video is not available in your country..."

I love occasions when the internet unites the world like this!