Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing Paolo Erasmus Carone

Young Paolo Erasmus Carone
dressed as director Wes Anderson

THE FUTURIST!'s first fan and most fervid follower was Paolo Erasmus Carone; that is his real name. Paolo or Paul, as he is called by his friends, is part of the Michigan contingent of THE FUTURIST! followers (and, also, a friend of Dr. Steven Seussonoras). Who was the first person THE FUTURIST! contacted when he became known on the Internet? It was Paolo Erasmus Carone. THE FUTURIST! is a big motion picture fan, but he is amazed at the mania that possesses Paolo. He loves films of all sorts and talks about them all the time ... he even writes screenplays and has tried his hand at making films. Paolo is going to college in Michigan and is working at a landmark of historical cinema significance in his home state. At this motion picture palace (and it is a palace ... an old theater made magnificent once again in all it's 1920s splendor) he is a jack of all trades and bathes in its glory every working shift. He sees all films released (it seems) and always informs THE FUTURIST! of his latest viewing.

THE FUTURIST! wanted Paolo to add to the SHOCKtober series of 5 favorite scary movies, but he thinks Paolo over thought the assignment ... or maybe he just couldn't decide since he loves so many films. Whatever the case, THE FUTURIST! did not receive a list. But ... THE FUTURIST! still wanted to feature his first fan Paolo this SHOCKtober and is doing so with the above picture. Please gaze at it and you will see a young Paolo dressed as director Wes Anderson awaiting to attend a Halloween party. Paolo is and will always be a clever favorite of THE FUTURIST!.

Cheers, Paolo Erasmus Carone! THE FUTURIST! will see you, one day, at the picture show!


Dara said...

That photo looks like it was taken in the '90s!


Yes, Dara, it might have been the late 90s ... THE FUTURIST! was never informed. But he does look snazzy. And he loves that wall paper.