Friday, October 2, 2009

Midnight Show at The Single Scream Theater

It's October! Or SHOCKtober, as THE FUTURIST! likes to call it; the month most appropriate to watch some scary movies. In that regard, allow THE FUTURIST! to present this clip from the "lost" horror film of 1973 entitled MESSIAH OF EVIL. It was co-written by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz who later went on to write the screenplay to George Lucas' AMERICAN GRAFFITI and INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and uh, ... well, HOWARD THE DUCK. This shocker, that reeks of that distinct 70s indie horror feel and "look" of grainy low budget fright effect, will be released on DVD later this month. Today's horror looks so slick and full of fast edits and fake grimy Hollywood art direction. This film takes it slow with eerie long shots to build suspense. It has been rarely seen since its initial release and has become a legend of scare and 70s shock. Watch this creepy clip as a lone girl ventures into a movie theater at night. You may never go to the movies alone again ... well, this might not happen in a multi-plex ... but then again there are quite a lot of zombies at New Jersey Shopping Malls.


christian said...

Saw this for the first time at the Cinefamily last year with Huyck and Katz. A lower tier zombie classic.

Dara said...

That looks class! I must see it!



It is an honor to have you visit and comment on THE FUTURIST!'s blog. You have great choices out in your area; the New Beverly and Cinefamily. New York sucks compared to LA revival houses.


It does look class. You want to se it? THE FUTURIST! is willing to sell haiku's soul for the chance to see it. He will buy it immediately ... sight unseen!

Anonymous said...
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