Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Plain Batty

Here are two moments of people dressed up for SHOCKtober Halloween themed antics.

First, we have Remi Gaillard. This is the crazy Frenchman prankster that had the funny Mario Kart video on YouTube. It featured him, dressed as Mario, driving around Paris as if he were in a video game. It had real arcade sound effects, too. This one features him as a bat roaming Paris at night surprising French citizens and, oft times, just falling down as blind as a bat. THE FUTURIST! finds this quite funny in a slapstick manner. Thanks to Joshua Heller at Current Comedy for the heads up.

Secondly, THE FUTURIST! asks you to watch this "batty" unknown person dressed as a scary clown. Who is this person? Is he insane? Was this done with friends for a chuckle? Or is this a filmed prelude to him dancing behind that house, then entering and killing everyone inside in the dead of night? THE FUTURIST! must not let his imagination run wild ... no ... no ... NOOOOO!


Dara said...

I think you guided me to that clown video before! It's terrifying!


That Clown haunts THE FUTURIST!'s dreams. Who is HE??? And that eye staring in the camera at the end of the video ... YIKES!