Sunday, October 11, 2009

The County Claire Witch Project

Oddity of oddities, but THE FUTURIST! has some faithful followers in Ireland. Yes, Ireland. Why this is so is just too complicated to delve into at this time, suffice it to say that THE FUTURIST! is honored to have such a cult following, of sorts, on The Emerald Isle. Through his communications with his Irish contacts, THE FUTURIST! became aware of a young poet, teacher, goal keeper and musician named Tommy who not only writes magnificent poetry, but occasionally creates this low budget series of videos under the title TRAFFIC. Tommy wanders about his environs with a friend (or two) and just films and verbalizes.

In honor of SHOCKtober, Tommy has made a special video for THE FUTURIST! It takes place in the dark of night, well, it starts at 8:18 pm ... okay? ... well, anyway, it takes you on a creepy ride into the spooky night to a place called The Cherry House. This abode is Tommy and his friend's destination to investigate rumors of strange noises, a strange death from climbing a tree and a rocking chair that moves by itself. Do ghosts exist there? Is James drunk? Can you hardly hear their narration? Did they bring a poorly powered flashlight? Is it anti-climatic? No matter. THE FUTURIST! is tickled pink that the lads took the time to create this video in their free time.

Oh ... and it has an eerie conclusion. Perhaps this video was found after something happened to the lads ... it ends, yet it continues in silence as someone walks rapidly away with the camera still on. Oh, the low budget, grainy video gives THE FUTURIST! the creepy crawlies. All it needs is a chainsaw or a zombie. THE FUTURIST! (in a non-Fascist manner) salutes Tommy and (the possibly inebriated) James for this Halloween themed addition to SHOCKtober!




Dara said...

"Fáilte, means welcome.
-Or does it mean death?"

Very good! James and Tommy make a good pair. And James sounds like a young Bela Lugosi!


One wonders if that was James' house?

Tommy said...

I can confirm that no, that is not James' house. Also, he was certainly not drunk during production!


THE FUTURIST! apologizes for thinking James was drunk. Hope he has not insulted the character of James by doing so. IN OTHER NEWS ... his eyeglasses are wonderful and complement his face. And why was the house called CHERRY HOUSE? Was the family named Cherry?