Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pilgrim Pez

The Pilgrim Pez dispenser (seen first in this series of early American Pez creations) was a fascinating arcane addition to the PEZ Candy universe back in the 1970's. THE FUTURIST! has been on the outlook for one for years! Rumor has it that the dispenser only used candy tablets that tasted like turkey, cranberry, yams, carrots and corn. The most bizarre flavors were Pearl Onion and Beet. THE FUTURIST! wants this as much as the obscure Botswanian Cannibal Pygmy PEZ Dispenser which had tablets that tasted of HUMAN FLESH!


Dara said...

America is weird, I'm sorry!


There's a Leprechaun Pez Dispenser, too.