Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Music to Feel Wistful By

THE FUTURIST! recently watched the film THE BROTHERS BLOOM. He found the score that accompanied the visuals to very appealing. This particular track is the theme of a particular character played by Rachel Weisz. She is a romantic isolated introverted eccentric multi-millionairess. It's a wistful jaunty number. It makes THE FUTURIST! feel ... nostalgic and melancholy. The movie was entertaining and quite odd. It was trying hard to be, in itself, eccentric and hip with great effort. THE FUTURIST! still enjoyed the intelligently written script and the look of the film. Lots of little bits of visual symbolism are lurking in the frame.


from the film THE BROTHERS BLOOM (2008)
composed by Nathan Johnson


Dara said...

When is this coming out? I'm mad to see it. It seems to have been delayed for ages. Over here anyway!


The film played in the New York area this past late spring/early summer. It played at film festivals in 2008. Don't understand why it was not released on your screens. According to the IMDB it played the London Film Festival in 2008. THE FUTURIST! watched it on DVD thru NetFlix. Maybe it is on DVD in Ireland, too. It's a good watchable film, but at times, it is a little too hip.



It just came out on DVD here in America a few weeks ago.

Dara said...

It won't be in cinema here till May!