Monday, November 2, 2009

A Leaf of It's Own

THE FUTURIST! is consumed with Autumnal foliage clean-up this week. On his travels in Utter Despair, he spied this strange Golem-like pile of dead leaves amassed in the gutter on Murder at the Vicarage Road. Fearing possible danger and the risk of being consumed by an eco-unfriendly creature of sorts, THE FUTURIST! reversed his forward motion and found another route to purchase a new rake and recyclable disposable leaf bags. The daily Utter Despair newspaper will be scanned with great interest this week and THE FUTURIST! promises to inform you of any stories concerning residents missing at the above pictured abode or any other address within striking distance of that menacing mound of dead plant life.


Dara said...

The Futurist! should post some photos of Utter Despair, N.J.. More, I mean.


You mean like the Hot Spots of Utter Despair? Perhaps you'd like to see the parking lot at the Depression Clinic at the Strip Mall. It's always jammed packed. Some people use the adjacent parking at the Utter Despair Sack it Yourself Grocery. It causes a lot of arguments in the lot over parking.

Dara said...

Yes, just like that, but with photos taken by The Futurist!. A tour of Utter Despair, as seen by The Futurist!