Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day

Today is Election Day and THE FUTURIST! must make his way to the Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School 6 blocks from his home, wherein he shall enter a voting booth. THE FUTURIST! votes every year and fulfills his great freedom to express his opinion in who he wishes to represent him in the various forms of government, whether it be a national, state or local election. Today THE FUTURIST! will be voting for his state governor and other local elected positions. One of the two councilman running for a post in town was recently seen in his boxer shorts in the frozen food section of the Utter Despair Sack it Yourself Grocery. He claims they were Bermuda Shorts and not underwear. He could not explain the Kaiser Wilhelm WW I helmet he was sporting, however. There will be, also, a question concerning the building of a ostrich farm on a development in town and the right to divert water from a nearby lake to quench the thirsts of these odd birds before they are slaughtered. The owners propose to build the ostrich farm near the Utter Despair Old Age Home. THE FUTURIST! must consider the annoyance that the screams of butchered ostriches may inflict on the elderly residents. Then again, they are old and may not detect any screams at all due to faulty hearing. Then again, if they do hear the screams of the ostriches will this make them think of their own impending deaths and cause distress which may even hasten their end (due to bad hearts) sooner then expected. Serious questions are to be pondered this election day ... as well as what delicious lunch THE FUTURIST! can concoct. Maybe a nice bowl of broth with chives and orzo pasta and an ostrich burger.

In the meantime, THE FUTURIST! asks you to watch this delightful little short made by his whimsical friends in Ireland. The following film was made by Dara Moroney and his brother Gearoid and their Fake Dog Films production company. It was entered in the Darklight Film Festival's Democracy and Dialogue Competition. It features THE FUTURIST!'s favorite European pen pal, Dara, as John Iver, a very persistent politician who goes beyond the "foot in the door" practice of door to door canvasing.


Dara said...

Ah, very good! I was just going to tell you to Vote Jiver, but you're way ahead of me. That's a tough one about the ostriches.

GearĂ³id said...

He sounds like quite the odd politician! Also, that ostrich thing is quite the problem!