Thursday, November 26, 2009

Deep Fried Bird

For the last several years, THE FUTURIST! has attended a Thanksgiving get-together that has, as it's main entree, a turkey that is deep fried in boiling peanut oil. This is dangerous procedure and actually becomes an event in itself ... a visual process that the host conducts in the backyard. Below is a video on the preparation and the results. If you do do this, remember to keep children and pets away from the device, unless, they are children and pets you don't very much enjoy to be around. THE FUTURIST! jokes, of course. No, he doesn't ... today's festivities will involve obnoxious children and some rather distasteful adults ... but no pets, in fact a loving beautiful pet, preferably a canine, would be welcome.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Utter Despair, N.J., dear readers!


Robert said...

Wow! That a really cool idea Mr. F!

Dara said...

Ah, deep-fried Thanksgiving.


The deep fried bird was pretty good this time. If left too long in the boiling peanut oil, it will taste of peanuts.