Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Marty Party

THE FUTURIST! has returned. Several days away have regenerated his misanthropy and plans to one day sit in a basement bowling alley in a grandiose mansion drinking alcohol and pulverizing any phony preachers that come to visit. That's joke, people. THE FUTURIST! would never beat anyone with a ten pin ... maybe a bowling ball. The heft of the ball would be like a physical workout combined with venting inner demons.

More hatred to come. For now, let us wish director Martin Scorsese a very happy 67th birthday today. Marty is the director of many grand films of sublime Catholic angst and martyr complexes. He gave us the beautiful AGE OF INNOCENCE, the compelling TAXI DRIVER, the darkly comic AFTER HOURS and the wretched dung heap remake of CAPE FEAR. He has partnered with Robert DeNiro to create most of the actor's most memorable characters. THE FUTURIST! has actually preferred Marty's non-gangster films. They seem richer and more fulfilling. He has, also, made two engrossing documentaries about film My Voyage to Italy and A Personal Journey Through American Movies. Scorsese's voice on these documentaries is like warm comforting orzo pasta in a thin chicken broth.

THE FUTURIST! brings you this interview with Marty about his favorite films. It is very enlightening.

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Dara said...

He's got the laugh down!