Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Amazing Frollo's Top 5 Sidney Lumet Movies

The Amazing Frollo is seen above in his homage to
He is green screened in his version of
DEATH ON THE NILE by Agatha Christie.
He never finished the movie.
He got hungry and did not return to the set.

When THE FUTURIST! heard of the death of film director Sidney Lumet, his first thought was of his friend The Amazing Frollo. Earlier posts have recounted The Amazing Frollo's stature as a magician ... he stinks. (CLICK HERE!) and (CLICK HERE, TOO!) Never has any of his stage acts as a prestidigitator been successful. Audiences have queued up just to see how far he can humiliate himself. AS far as THE FUTURIST! understands, The Amazing Frollo has given up his magic act and been in some sort of sad slump. Rumors have percolated about him having no money and becoming a recluse reading his hundreds of yellowed used paperbacks of movie novelizations, trying to file his VHS collection and eating bacon.

THE FUTURIST! has gotten far afield from his subject regarding why he thought of The Amazing Frollo after hearing of the death of Lumet. The Amazing Frollo is a great film buff and always would talk about Lumet to THE FUTURIST! He even had mini-film festivals of Lumet works that he enjoyed in his own cluttered bedroom watching on his computer screen. THE FUTURIST! asked The Amazing Frollo to compile a list of his favorite Lumet films for this blog. He consented and submitted this:


Sidney Lumet truly is one of my favorite directors. They way he was able to make so many different kinds of films so well is a real inspiration to me. So naturally this list was pretty hard; I almost cheated and chose six, but rules are rules.

1. 12 Angry Men

2. Murder on the Orient Express

3. Network

4. The Verdict

5. Fail-Safe

I was gonna expand on these choices, but I kinda ran out of steam after 12 Angry Men. Writing about movies is hard. I hope I won’t have to do too much of that in film school.

This is the shortest least explained of ANY Top 5 List in THE FUTURIST!'s series. Somehow, though, this warms THE FUTURIST!'s heart; it is true reflection of the sloth-like expectations of THE AMAZING FROLLO. He is never a phony.

Oh, and The Amazing Frollo? You WILL have to write in Film School. THE FUTURIST! predicts that you will perform your finest magic act at Film School. You will finally successfully disappear. And you won't need a steamer trunk or the assistance of a showgirl.

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