Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Dinner

THE FUTURIST! is a bit late in posting these photos,
but he has been busy the last few days.
Above is the cooked boneless leg of lamb
which was mentioned in the preceding post of Easter Sunday.
THE FUTURIST! apologizes to any Vegans who read
this blog ( he can think of one ) but the succulent
sight of this deliciously seasoned meal
is too beautiful to NOT display.

And this is what it looked like
when nestled between fresh carrots and boiled potatoes
on THE FUTURIST!'s Easter plate:

IT was accompanied by a glass of Pinot Noir
and THE FUTURIST!'s Janus Films mug
which was awaiting boiling water for the satisfying
after meal pleasure of Green Tea.

Oh, it was grand.


Dara said...

I think it looks better on the finished plate! That first photo was a bit jolting!

Olli Sulopuisto said...

This is what my lovely mother-in-law hath wrought: http://hphotos-snc6.fbcdn.net/219407_10150234265281416_589101415_8918410_6051657_o.jpg