Thursday, April 21, 2011

The BANACEK Turtleneck

THE FUTURIST! found out that The Amazing Frollo is working at The NBC Store near Rockefeller Plaza in New York. He asked The Amazing Frollo if they had any discounts on items from old NBC television programs. For instance, did they have any discounted BANACEK turtlenecks? It appears they do not. It's a pity. THE FUTURIST! was thinking of wearing one this Easter weekend with a hounds tooth sport coat. THE FUTURIST! wasn't going to solve any fraudulent insurance scams involving disappearing Brink's armored trucks or art objects. He just wanted to go bow tie-less this Easter. No turtleneck, no cigarillos, no sport coat ... but he will have that glass of whatever Banacek is having.


Dara said...

Classy. I though TF! had a few of these already (the top, not the drink)?

Mike said...

It's IN Rockefeller Plaza, thank you very much.

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