Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Music that Loves a Particular Version of The Look of Love

THE FUTURIST! is in the midst of a William Friedkin Freakout Film Foray. He is trying to watch any and all Friedkin directed films in chronological order. The reasons why he is doing this can be stated thusly:

1. A person, in conversation, stated to THE FUTURIST!
that Friedkin is an egomaniac bullying hack with no cinematic style.
Could this be true? No style?

2. THE FUTURIST! had only seen, maybe, 4 Friedkin films in his life ...
and a few he has been very curious about since they are considered
very controversial.

3. THE FUTURIST! loves mini-film festivals in his Thimble Theater.
It quenches his soul and blocks realities that neurotically plague him.

4. THE FUTURIST! is a Completist.

THE FUTURIST! just watched Friedkin's filmed adaptation of the controversial play THE BOYS IN THE BAND. The film begins with the wonderful Harpers Bizarre version of Cole Porter's ANYTHING GOES and it ends with a version of Burt Bacharach's THE LOOK OF LOVE. This is not the vocalized Dusty Springfield take that was originally in the 1967 CASINO ROYALE, but a version that is totally orchestral from the album REACH OUT and conducted by Bacharach, himself.

As the film ends in blackness and bitter sadness the end credits begin showing each cast member and the music begins. It leaves you feeling a bit sad yourself. An odd song, beautiful, full of contented longing finally found, but ... well,


by Burt Bacharach

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Dara said...

The Boys in the Band is quite different to his later stuff. It's clearly adapted from a play, so claustrophobic and talky. I want to see Sorcerer, his flop remake of Wages of Fear!