Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Music at The Minor Super Market

THE FUTURIST! is not going to attend a family Easter dinner again this year. It will mark the 3rd year in a row he has decided not to be present at an Easter holiday repast. Growing up, THE FUTURIST! loved two holidays the very most ... Thanksgiving and Easter. Easter meant springtime and renewal and lovely weather and chocolate and hard boiled eggs and the public television station airing of EASTER PARADE or THE BAND WAGON or SINGIN' IN THE RAIN or a week of movie biblical melodramas with wooden acting, swelling Miklos Roza scores and large breasted women in revealing outfits and lots of Max Factor make-up being wooed by men garbed in metal breastplates, sandals and holding jeweled goblets ... oh, and a very attractive, non-Jewish or Semitic looking actor playing Jesus.

THE FUTURIST! can't avoid the Thanksgiving family gathering, but he has successfully been able to parachute out of the Easter feast. He remembers his small family gathering of years past that was so warm and comforting, but it has morphed into a larger event with in-laws and children and gripes about jobs, illness and what is happening with the kids' friends' Moms and other minutiae that is, oh, so boring. THE FUTURIST! just doesn't care and he will just drink more white wine to dull his senses and fall asleep while the monotone yakking goes on and on and on ... so, instead he will stay home and cook his own lovely Easter meal and watch an appropriate film. Maybe, THE ROBE or KING OF KINGS or CLEOPATRA or a bright cheery musical.

Therefore, he must buy some lamb for his Easter dinner. The family gathering never features lamb. It is always turkey or ham. THE FUTURIST! loves a nice juicy lamb. He never has it all year. This is HIS TIME for the succulent taste of a lamb leg or shank or butt cut. He usually buys the butt cut because it is just enough for a solo meal with some leftovers.

This week he will have to shop for a good piece. Last year, he purchased a very good offering at the Utter Despair Minor Super Market (owned by the Minor Bros) When shopping at The Minor Super Market, you can hear the type of music which is featured below. Where else would you hear this kind of musical accompaniment while prodding melons, reading cereal boxes, leaving that half gallon of ice cream in the canned vegetable aisle after you decided NOT to buy it ... AND checking for a good lamb butt?


performed by The Erwin Lehn Beat-Brass


Dara said...

Hah, I can see TF! going on a shopping montage to this music and sitting down to his lamb and film as it ends! Enjoy!

RoxyB said...

Good luck with the peace and quiet! I'm looking forward to two little terrors, gorgeous though they are, getting sugar highs on chocolate!