Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Insomnia on Warm

Dear Pagan Gods, it was too warm last night.
Utter Despair, NJ had a sudden heat wave that reached temperatures of about 80 degrees ... in APRIL! Where is the springtime? THE FUTURIST! hates the heat. He especially hates it when the sun has set and it is still warm and humid. Last night's air was full of that disgusting sense of wetness embracing your skin; it feels like the air is sweating. THE FUTURIST! cannot sleep in this type of weather. Opening a window only lets in more of the creeping mildewy air and makes the bed sheets feel like you are are lying on the tongue of a panting canine. This happened last night. THE FUTURIST! tossed and turned and cursed his Life (well, he does the latter most evenings in the dark). He could get only sporadic spells of sleep. He would wake up in 30 minute intervals with his mind racing and feeling so uncomfortable. And for some reason the theme to Valmont's Go-Go Pad from Bava's DANGER: DIABOLIK kept racing through his manic mind. It felt like the NAH NAH NAAAH chorus from the musical piece were taunting him.

Feel free to try to relate. But, also, blow a vaporizer of boiling water on yourself to actually feel the THE FUTURIST!'s late Monday/Tuesday morning experience:


Dara said...

Haha, that is unfortunate. It has gotten hotter here also. Though I think 'hot' in Scotland is not quite the same. It's just less cold. You get very extreme weather over there!

RoxyB said...

Hi, while I'm cruising your blog let me say I'm not sure how hot 80F is, though I think 100F is something like 36C, but try plus-40C for size where it feels like you live in an oven day-in day-out (outback Australia) and getting into your car is worse - yuk! But at least it's - normally - not humid!