Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Gentleman of Leisure's Top 5 Summer Songs

The Gentleman of Leisure
enjoying his Life, listening to music,
lounging in the grass in the sun ... and making
THE FUTURIST! incredibly, terribly envious.

THE FUTURIST!'s dear friend from across the Big Pond, THE GENTLEMEN OF LEISURE, is back. He has provided another list for the blog. His last list was from last SHOCKtober, wherein he listed his favorite horror pictures. It was one of the very first TOP 5 LISTS that THE FUTURIST! has featured. The Gentleman was kind enough to provide another ... he has nothing else much to do, actually ... he is a Man of Leisure, you know. The last list went over well, as did his accompanying photograph, which showed him in his glorious sloth-like fashion slumming about at a cafe somewhere in Ireland. This time The Gentleman is reporting from Scotland and he seems a bit more "put together" in a physical sense. Last time he seemed a bit mussed up ... a tad hungover, perhaps lethargic due to liquor imbibing. The above photo shows him as debonair as ever (great vest and tie), seemingly more attune to his surroundings and quite happy. And his hair is combed.

The Gentleman has found a new devil-may-care life in the land of kilts, Scotch Whiskey and Sean Connery ... and he found time in his very heavy schedule of doing practically nothing to compile for his good friend in Utter Despair, N.J. a new list. This one is his favorite Summer songs. Please read, listen, watch and enjoy ...


1. MR. BLUE SKY - E.L.O.
Possibly an obvious choice, but you can't argue
with the Electric Light Orchestra!

2. YOU AND ME AND THE MOON - Magnetic Fields
One of my favourite songs.
Very energetic and perfect for summer.
(The only online copy I could find is a terrible lip-sync
by some young one, so please hide the video away and just listen.)

* A Word from THE FUTURIST! -
The Gentleman's reference to a "Young One"
is his parlance for a female of youthful age.
Back to the list ...

3. SLOOP JOHN B - The Beach Boys
Nothing says summer quite like The Beach Boys,
and this one has a touch of sadness to it, too.
"Then he took and ate up all of my corn."

Something for the summer, even? Neil Hannon is quite
the Gentleman of Leisure in this video, too!

5. ATLANTIS - Donovan

Another one of my favourite tunes, and
a perfect closer for this summer EP! Enjoy!

Ah! The Gentlemen of Leisure included Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy.
The Gentleman is a man after THE FUTURIST!'s own small sad heart.

Dear Gentleman of Leisure:
Thank you for your list and please continue to lounge about,
enjoy Life, dress in sartorial splendor and communicate with
THE FUTURIST! with your wonderful lists. And, of course, continue
to make THE FUTURIST! incredibly envious regarding your care-free
existence. You are the antithesis of THE FUTURIST! Damn you!


GearĂ³id said...

Excellent, I approve of this list! I didn't even recognise the Gentleman of Leisure in the photo originally, it looked like a stock photo!

Dara said...

I'm sure the Gentleman doesn't do absolutely nothing all day! He looks like the productive sort! Maybe you've caught him on a break?



Glad you approve. And that is ACTUALLY THE Gentleman. Not a stock photo. In fact, it is, possibly, the 1st photo produced by a guest especially for THE FUTURIST!'s blog.


We are talking about THE CHARACTER of The Gentleman, aren't we? THE FUTURIST! is sure he is productive ... in finding movie theaters and making sandwiches. *wink* *wink*

Dara said...

Oh, he's a character alright!