Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beautiful Soup

THE FUTURIST! Wants to get a passport and visit the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland next year.

If he does go, he hopes to perform this Lewis Carroll poem
(provided below)
as part of the many free performances that are available to the public
day and night at the Festival. There seems to be a lot of comedy
on tap at the Fest. However, this rendition by THE FUTURIST! will
be entirely serious and almost Olivier-like in its display.
THE FUTURIST! will be nattily dressed in sartorial splendor
and will allow his creative side to flourish without any restraint.

Afterwards, he hopes to be interviewed
on the FREE ED PODCAST by:

(who appears in a cardigan and to be either
inebriated or
recently struck in the head with a football)


( who is sporting a fantastic argyle sweater
and holding his package -
obviously retail, of course )

Rumour has it, they share the same pair of eyeglasses.

Later, it has been promised they will retreat to the home
of Wozy Hamish and eat Cullen Skink.


Dara said...

Today is the last day of the festival, so sorry for the lack of communication! I'm sick of it now! All the free shows demand money at the end, which is fine, but some of them are very annoying and pushy. Still, saw some good stuff, but I wouldn't do it again.


THE FUTURIST! Will not demand money at the end of his free reading. He will demand LOVE! Then he'll get a drink.