Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Music Preprogrammed Due to Vacation

THE FUTURIST! is away for a few days visiting a friend and, hopefully, other friendly people in Hyde Park, NY. He will probably use a computer in the the house he is staying in to check emails and cause mischief. He hopes he tries to stay away as much as possible from the Internet ... if he can. He has set some scheduled posts to appear while he is gone, including today's Saturday Music post. The music selection is from the film NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION. It is the song that accompanies the opening credits. THE FUTURIST! is very aware that this is a bit of a corny choice to select while he is away on a vacation. But, the music came to mind the other day when he was discussing Chevy Chase and how usually unappealing he is to THE FUTURIST!.

In 1983, THE FUTURIST! recalls seeing this film and how the theater viewing imprinted a memorable event in his psyche forever. He entered the theatre in the dark ... his blue eyes (which are supposedly more sensitive to light changes) were practically blind. He had to search for some friends that were awaiting him in seats located somewhere in the vast pitch black auditorium. The Warner Bros. logo appeared on the screen and this song started. It caused THE FUTURIST! great anxiety because he does NOT like to sit after a film starts. In his state of blindness and neurotic panic he tripped in the aisle and fell with a resounding 'OOMPH' and as he got up he thought he was using a theater seat armrest for support, but it was a strange man's trousered leg.
It wasn't a proud moment for THE FUTURIST!.

The song is catchy, bouncy, and stays in your head.
It's great for a 'sight' (so to speak) gag, too.


performed by Lindsay Buckingham
from the film


Dara said...

The dog barking at the end is catchy! Very '80s.

Enjoy your vacation!

christian said...

And a dog just started barking on the deck on my own vacation! I have this on my ipod believe it or not.