Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Less Than 10 Minute Matinee # 8

Please take your seats for another short experience
of less than 10 minutes. And please turn off your cell phones.
Thank you ... please enjoy this trailer to the sci-fi sex thriller
INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS (1973). Something is going on in the
town of Peckham and it involves alien woman having sex with ugly men,
body snatching, white goo, Government agents and B-Movie actor William Smith.
THE FUTURIST! likes when the voice over man says, "INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS!"
and they cut to the fat sheriff saying, "They are dropping like flies!"


Whew! After all that weird murderous sex stuff THE FUTURIST! thinks
it's time for a nice big frankfurter in a bun! Sounds good, right?
The boys below agree and they are ready ... and remember at the
refreshment stand they always push a large thin metal needle in your
bun wrapper to keep it all together!


Full? Good! Now it's time for our feature ...
1 min and 38 seconds of SUPER FUZZ directed by
Sergio Corbucci. An Italian dubbed police crime comedy
starring Academy Award winning actor Ernest Borgnine.
THE FUTURIST! shows quality films with quality actors.


Dara said...

Very good. Love the music in The Invasion of the Bee Women trailer when he's throwing those lads off the car.

And Super Fuzz is mad. Is everyone dubbed, but Ernie?


Only Ernie is not dubbed.

TF! likes how you call those thugs "lads".

TF! loves Irish/Scottish/British terms.