Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top 10 Movie Cliches


Dara said...

"The 360 Shot: Oh, let's be all artsy!"
It's just a camera technique! I wouldn't call it a full-blown movie cliche.

Jeremy Mathews said...

The fade to black is also a pretty lame one. Know what else is clich├ęd? The close-up!

Biggest omission: The direct cut from a character insisting they're not going to do something to them doing that very thing.

kazu said...

weak list.


It's weak, yes. But TF! likes some the ideas set forth.

And TF! agrees that the 360 shot is not a cliche. He loves it. It is mesmerizing.

But there is a LOT of fade to blacks in trailer today. TF! hates trailers.

He only likes trailers made as trailers ... original trailers. Or trailers from the 60s.