Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The James Bonds Sing (except for George Lazenby)

Boredom drove THE FUTURIST! to dig into his curiosity regarding
whether or not each actor hat portrayed James Bond 007 (in the film series)
had ever warbled a tune in a film or on a recording. THE FUTURIST! knew
that Mr. Connery had appeared in a Disney film where his vocals chords were put
to the test, but the others were a mystery. It seems they all have sung in some
manner, except ... as far as can be ascertained ... George Lazenby.
Please listen to the examples below. Some may surprise you in a horrified manner
or in a pleasing manner. THE FUTURIST!'s favorite for reasons left unexplained
(until you hear it and see it) is Timothy Dalton. By the way, THE FUTURIST!
understands if you just listened to a bit and moved on in a polite manner.











Duncan said...

I thought it was a Mae West musical biopic or something. Then I wondered why whenever the actress moved it looked like she was reacting to someone waving a piece of steak or some colourful object to get her attention and to draw her away from the camera. Then I looked up the clip, and found this imagining was alas, not far from the truth.

She is fifteen years from the age of 100 in this clip. She is fabulous.

Dara said...

Haha, good stuff! Good, old Timothy! He can't sing, but look at him go! Roger Moore's one is pretty good actually! Bit like a British Serge Gainsbourg!