Thursday, August 5, 2010

THE FUTURIST! is Waiting

THE FUTURIST! is waiting for his next vacation in 2 weeks. He feels stressed and isolated. Even a recent jaunt into Manhattan to see a play at Lincoln Center did not alleviate his stress. His aggravation was compounded by the loss of some shoe heel protectors he searched frantically for, purchased, applied to his new shoes and then found they had come off while in Manhattan. THE FUTURIST! tends to walk a certain way that seems to wear out the outer side of his heels. This results in shoes not lasting long and causing tired achy feet. It was distressing to find they had disappeared on his travels.

Of course, it's little things like that that seem more teeth clenching than anything else ... because you use that very little annoyance as a mask for all that is upsetting you. THE FUTURIST!'s compatriots, on his Manhattan adventure, asked him to stop talking about his new shoes and the vanished heel protectors. He was giving them stress. Exact quote: "You sound like a neurotic in a Neil Simon play!"

So, THE FUTURIST! is waiting out another week. Maybe he'll go to the movies on his day off on Friday. Maybe he'll buy a couple of books. He wants to try a new ice cream parlor that opened in Utter Despair. It's supposed to be very good ice cream. They have a supposedly rich dark chocolate flavor that has created a stir amongst those who are not lactose intolerant. Maybe these things will help him feel less stressed until his vacation starting August 15. Maybe ...

Don't count on it.


Dara said...

Sorry to hear about your "vanished heel protectors"! You should go to the cinema on Friday. Is Gainsbourg out there?

kazu said...

I'm mad you were next door to my work and didn't give me a call! Okay, not that mad considering you were dealing with shoe problems, but still, come back to the city.



GAINESBOURG may be in NYC at this time. And THE FUTURIST! did go to te movies ... it was the wretched INCEPTION.


No need to be mad. You were working that night? Anyway, THE FUTURIST! was pressed for time and with 2 other people and a bit miserable.