Thursday, July 16, 2009

John Lichman's Voice Calms THE FUTURIST!

John Lichman (online producer for The Rotten Tomatoes Movie Show on Current TV) explains how to join the online movie groups for Current/Rotten Tomatoes. This video is done with subtle comic ineptitude, but THE FUTURIST! doesn't care ... Lichman's voice reminds THE FUTURIST! of Linus in the PEANUTS TV shows; one can imagine this voice trying to reason with a psychotic Lucy over his stolen blanket or explaining Jesus' birth to Charlie Brown. It's a calming voice ... it made THE FUTURIST! (after he played it 17 times) take the plastic dry cleaning bag from his head.

Also, after actually seeing John Lichman, THE FUTURIST! feels Lichman
has a silent comic Harry Langdon aura about him...


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