Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guest Conductor

Besides getting food poisoning, drinking too much port wine, retching quite loudly in a friend's toilet and narrowly escaping possible imprisonment while sweating through a massive DWI police trap at 3 am, this weekend THE FUTURIST!, also, had the honor of being asked to guest conduct at the Utter Despair Summer Concert. This year's theme was an evening of songs from Hollywood motion pictures. The event featured many talented citizens performing wonderful numbers ... including Owen Getchell who did the title tune from Singin' in the Rain while his wife held a garden hose over his head as she stood atop a 12 foot ladder; there was a slight moment of unease when she forgot to turn the nozzle to a fine spray mist.

When The Utter Despair Bisexual Men's Chorus took the stage to sing Bless the Beasts and the Children (from the film of the same name) it was THE FUTURIST!'s great honor to climb down into the orchestra pit to guest conduct the number. Please enjoy this recorded segment. You can see THE FUTURIST! in the right hand lower corner as he savors his moment in the sun. He didn't know what the Hell he was doing, to be honest, but he waved his baton with gusto, vim and vigor.

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kazu said...

the video of you conducting is nice enough, but i'd rather see a video of you retching and all that other juicy stuff.