Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Music for Guilty Pleasures

THE FUTURIST! admits it ... he likes this silly, peppy ditty sung by the effervescent Olivia Newton John and the always synthesizer inspired ELO. It's good to hear when you want to stick a fork in your eye ... it makes you reach for a spoon, instead. Somewhat like ABBA's Dancing Queen, it stirs some life in the lump you call your heart. THE FUTURIST! likes when Olivia first comes strutting out, she is followed by dancers in sweaters and ties. Fantastic ... except for the zoot suit weirdos in pimp hats, Xanadu looks great.

Yeah ... go ahead and call THE FUTURIST! a big homo; he's heard it before many times.



(from the film Xanadu - 1980 )
performed by Olivia Newton-John
and the Electric Light Orchestra

1 comment:

Dara said...

I'm more familiar with the version that has Jeff Lynne on vocals:

Anything with E.L.O. is class, though.