Tuesday, July 7, 2009

After the 4th - Part 1

The Amazing Frollo performed his annual 4th of July Inferno Leap into an above the ground pool. It was part of his holiday EXPLOSIVE SHOW near Lake Taciturn NJ. Actually, he DID NOT make the leap successfully into the pool ... there was a miscalculation in the adjustment of the catapult which threw him through the air like a human medieval projectile ....

... and he landed into the carnival restroom facilities. Luckily, due to a plumbing problem, the Men's and Ladies restrooms were closed for repairs which had resulted in many holiday revelers relieving themselves in the nearby woods and in the clown tent. The Amazing Frollo survived, but was not happy; his head had to be extracted from a porcelain imprisonment.


Dan Werner lost a tip of his index finger after igniting a Cherry Bomb at the neighborhood block party. Miss Angela Deppler, 24 yr old 2nd grade teacher and 1st class vixen, accidentally swallowed the finger tip after it landed in her Dr. Pepper. Resident Senior Citizen Vernon Clawson provided The Heimlich Maneuver to stop Miss Deppler from choking. Vernon was successful in aiding her, but had to be given CPR after he became too excited over holding the voluptuous teacher's lithe form and applying life saving pressure under her breastbone.

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