Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Music Delayed One Day and Played on a Psychiatrist's Piano

THE FUTURIST! apologizes for the Sunday post of a usual Saturday ritual.
THE FUTURIST! was so busy yesterday due to work and then an excursion into Manhattan and then into the bowels of the hellish Elizabeth NJ. He was unable to ready this Saturday Music post. Well, then ... onto the musical selection for Feb. 26.

THE FUTURIST! visited his friend and therapist Dr. Alexander Porto this week.
You may remember Dr. Porto from this post (click!) and this post (click!)

THE FUTURIST! has been a bit troubled of late and decided a visit to his therapist was in order. Upon entering Dr. Porto's offices, THE FUTURIST! was greeted by the vivacious Nurse Lutz and then escorted into Porto's comfortable darkly paneled personal environs of mind bending.

Dr. Porto was extremely friendly, as usual, but still had his air of menace and superiority. AS stated in previous posts, Dr. Porto is a very interesting, intelligent, yet horrible person. He asked THE FUTURIST! if he wished to lie on his leather couch or sit on his psychiatric love seat. THE FUTURIST! decide to lie down. He has been very fatigued of late ... both physically and mentally. Dr. Porto then said he he would provide a very comfortable pillow for head resting. He said it would be bought in by his college intern.

The Doctor asked if THE FUTURIST! had seen Yi Yi. THE FUTURIST! replied that he had not watched it yet. But he owned a copy. Dr. Porto laughed with a hint of "oh you are so silly" inflection. HE did not mean the Criterion DVD of the film directed by Edward Yang. He meant his new college intern who appeared holding a small cushioned stool.

"This is Yee Yee. She is an exchange student from the University of Nakadai in Tokyo."

Yee Yee had been using the stool to sit on in an adjacent room connected to Dr. Porto's offices. "Sorry to have taken your piano stool, Doctor. I was using it to apply an attractive body adornment to the lower half of my body. So sorry."

"And what would that lower body adornment be, my dear Yee Yee?" Dr. Porto asked.

"Toe nail polish, Doctor," she replied.

"Wonderful. Let me see." The Doctor looked down and extended his right hand. Yee Yee placed her petite foot in his hand. He held her foot and caressed it in a manner that seemed quite odd to THE FUTURIST! ... but then again anything odd attributed to Dr.Porto was normal in his world.

"Ah ... yes .. and what would this polish be called, my dear?" he asked.

"Rising Sun Red, Doctor," she answered.

The Doctor smiled with half of his tight lipped mouth. "Oh, so so brilliant, my dear," he said as he released his grip. "Thank you for replacing my stool .. your use of it is totally understandable."

Dr. Porto then resumed his therapeutic role and asked THE FUTURIST! several questions. He then walked to the stool, sat his finely tailor trousered posterior upon it and said, "Perhaps this song will assist you in your current state of mind."

He sat down and began to play this:


performed by Steely Dan


Anonymous said...

Despite his eccentricities, Dr. Porto's choice of his song is both fitting for his somewhat sleazy, 70s nature as well as being a good therapeutic tune.


Ah, Matthew,

Doctor Porto wants to see you, you wonderful observer of Human Nature!

Dara said...

Random! Nice tune, though.

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