Friday, February 25, 2011

Ghost World

The talented scientists at Seussonoras Labs in
Ypsilanti, Michigan are currently at work
attempting to contact the Spirit World.


Because it is time for The Academy Awards
and that means THE FUTURIST! wishes to reconnect with
The Ghost of James Whale, deceased famous film director
of Hollywood past who gave us FRANKENSTEIN,

Last year the spectral portals were opened by a seer
and medium in Utter Despair by the name of Walter Bascom.
However, Walter is now, himself, among the spirits.
He committed suicide by drinking the contents of his
salt water aquarium.
Don't ask why, please.

This time, THE FUTURIST! asked Dr. Steven Seussonoras
to assist him in making contact with The Ghost of Mr. Whale
using the advanced means of his science laboratory.
His crack staff is using the most science fictitious
apparatus to penetrate the world BEYOND!

Just a few minutes ago, Dr, Seussonoras' aide-de-camp,
The Eliminator of Bull Shit, called Utter Despair to
give news of the progress.
It seems that The Ghost of James Whale has been reached ...
but he is enjoying a pre-Oscar 2 day pool side
party at the home of The Ghost of George Cukor.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that he will
agree to be spirit expressed to Utter Despair
to assist in Oscar predictions to
be posted on Sunday afternoon.


Burbach said...

I look forward to The Ghost of James Whale's appearance far more than the Oscars themselves.

Dara said...

Those fellows have style.

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