Thursday, February 3, 2011

Less Than 10 Minute Matinee # 10

Welcome back to THE FUTURIST!'s theater of shortened pleasures.
The projectionist is back from his 15 minute coffee break
and all set to give you less than 10 minutes of viewing excitement.
First up is the trailer featuring dubbed actors in a dumb looking
science fiction movie that poses the question: Can women and men
have their flesh fused to form a race called BI-SAPIENS?
Down at the Utter Despair transgender nightclub the answer is YES!
Please enjoy this colorful attempt at futuristic suspense and sexual confusion.
This trailer is incredible. It actually shows the entire end of the movie.
It involves a deluge of water that resembles Hawaiian Punch.
Here is 2 mins and 47 seconds of WILD WILD PLANET!

And now ...
Please pay heed to the announcer and take his advice ...
the best most healthy and tasty dinners our at our theater!

The feature is about to begin.
Please take your seats and get ready
for the sordid horrifying tale of a college science teacher
who goes a little too far in his search for knowledge
and co-eds in tight sweaters after he is transformed
into some kind of pre-evolved man ape beast thing.



Dara said...

The Utter Despair Transgender Nightclub, you say? What kind of music do they play?