Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Music in Memory of John Barry

Sad news reached THE FUTURIST! this week.
John Barry, the great composer of 11 James Bond films and countless other motion pictures, such as MIDNIGHT COWBOY, THE LION IN WINTER, PETULIA, BODY HEAT, OUT OF AFRICA, DANCES WITH WOLVES, THE IPCRESS FILE, THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM, BORN FREE, SOMEWHERE IN TIME and many others, passed away at age 77.

Last week, THE FUTURIST! posted a Saturday Music entry expressing his love of the James Bond series and most of that heart throbbing sentiment can be attributed to beautiful scores that John Barry composed for the Bond pictures.
They are simply unforgettable in THE FUTURIST!'s life at the picture show.

THE FUTURIST! offers this slide show of movie posters signifying many of the films John Barry composed scores for in his career. Enhancing this viewing pleasure is the theme to the film THE WRONG BOX. It is a THE FUTURIST! favorite ... a dark comedy of British origin starring Michael Caine, Sarah Miles, John Mills, the brilliant Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and a small part by Peter Sellers. It is a beautiful little piece of music ... like a tune from a music box.


Theme from THE WRONG BOX (1966)
composed by John Barry

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Dara said...

Love the score to Midnight Cowboy.