Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Music that Makes Movie Endings Happier

THE FUTURIST! received a wonderful bit of news this week. One of his, most likely, top 20 favorite films is going to be released by the Criterion Collection as part of their impeccable DVD library. THE FUTURIST! already owns a copy of this film, but a Criterion print of this film will be purchased and placed in the other copy's place as soon as it is "strict on sale" possible.

THE FUTURIST! owns an LP and a CD of the film soundtrack. The film features music by David Byrne singing Loco De Amor as the opening credits appear. We, also, hear The Fine Young Cannibals, Jimmy Cliff, New Order, Steve Jones, Oingo Boingo, UB40 and Sonny Okossun. The movie is a strange mix of screwball comedy, dark dark menacing humor and a film noir thriller. And it feels like such liberating ecstasy every minute it unfolds before your eyes.

THE FUTURIST! loves movies that end with music ... usually a moment that flows right into the closing credits. This happens rarely. For some reason it makes THE FUTURIST! feel all tingly inside. Maybe it is the magic of the movie moment of musicality that never occurs in real life. Oh, who knows ... it just makes THE FUTURIST! happy.

It happened in two Jonathan Demme directed films of the 1980s. At the end of MARRIED TO THE MOB Michele Pfeiffer and Matthew Modine playfully romp about at night along the streets of New York on their first date after the credits roll. In SOMETHING WILD you shall see the what happens in the musical clip below. Don't fret. It shan't spoil the ending of the film. Just enjoy and watch the credits roll. You shall see some interesting names who appear in the film in small roles.

THE FUTURIST! wishes Jonathan Demme would direct another of these free spirited comedy films again. So much fun, so crazy, such eclectic music and such colorful cartoon costuming.


performed by Sister Carol
from the film


Dara said...

Good stuff. I think I've seen this, but my recollection is not very clear. This seems familiar. I'll have to (re-)watch it!


Please do.

christian said...

One of the great end credits.



It doesn't make you want to leave the theater.