Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Music suggested by Dr. Porto

THE FUTURIST! recently was in a discussion with Dr. Porto, an acquaintance of mysterious origins ... a man who thinks he knows everything, has an ego that could bridge span (with a bicycle lane) two New York City boroughs and is an expert on everything. Oh, and he is a horrible person. Well, down deep Dr. Porto may have a soft center ... like a tootsie pop lollipop; getting to that soft center is a hardship due to the hard tooth breaking shell.

Dr. Porto claims the tune below is from his favorite band. He said THE FUTURIST! might be interested in hearing it and would love it as well. THE FUTURIST! doesn't want to satisfy Dr. Porto with a yes or a no. Dr. Porto is too smug and THE FUTURIST! hates to see him smile. A smile denotes something very evil on Dr. Porto's part. Well, maybe not always ... especially if he is inhaling the aromatic spices of Chicken Tandoori at a very good Indian restaurant ... then the contentment on his face may be an actual true expression of inner goodness and warmth ... and that could fool THE FUTURIST!. But, then again, even that smile could mean Dr. Porto may be lying. He's a tricky son of a bitch.


performed by Yeasayer


Dara said...

This Dr. Porto made The Futurist! swear! He must be a bad egg!


THE FUTURIST! apologizes for the curse. Dr. Porto can alter the usual decorum in a civilized man.