Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Blast

THE FUTURIST! must contact Dr. Seussonoras at Seussonoras Labs in Ypsilanti, Michigan very soon. He needs to know if the Good Doctor can manufacture one of these sonic cannons for THE FUTURIST!'s use this Summer. It would be excellent to end the noisy late night barbecue parties that occur on weekend nights at the house down the street. If THE FUTURIST! can conceal this weapon discreetly AND with a clear path for its halo effect of structural destruction (this may mean cutting down the hedges next door and relocating the bird bath), THE FUTURIST! feels this would be an ideal deterrent.


Dara said...

Packs quite a punch!

I saw the guy in the video, along with all the other presenters, at the Bang Goes the Theory roadshow a few weeks ago. They were answering lots of science questions. They really love science. Full of poindexter kids... and me, of course!


Science is fun. Especially when it knocks things down .

Gearóid said...

The power of air! And high-powered explosives!