Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Music to Kill For

THE FUTURIST!'s friends and correspondents in the faraway land of Ireland have created another music video, this time featuring the three man rock band called MIGHTY ATOMICS. The sound the band generates is loud, a bit in your face and reminiscent of those "angry young men" groups you'd see in black and white British films of the "kitchen sink" period or those drive-in AIP teen and horror films were a relatively unknown rock band would be featured at a party on the beach or dance hall playing in the background and occasionally featured on camera.

IN this video, the usual easy going Ealing Films-like touch of Fake Dog Films is replaced by an influence of comedic horror. The film is shot with a hand held camera and the band performs in a desolate barren wheat colored area of Ireland. In the distance we see a figure approaching with steadfast intent toward the band. THE FUTURIST! wondered what was going to happen ... the result reminded him of George Romero's opening to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with a touch of Edgar Wright, a dash of Richard Lester, an opening that recalls THE MONKEES TV show and a bit of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

Watch and Listen:

performed by The Mighty Atomic


Dara said...

Ah, very good! Another interesting Saturday Music Post! Those Atom boys sure can run!

Tsar Nicholas said...

Can't beat Dick Lester!

Also, your tags say the Mighty Atomic. Don't forget that crucial 's'.