Friday, May 7, 2010

3:10 To Utter Despair

THE FUTURIST! recently purchased a new camera.
Today, he took a walk and captured a few shots of Utter Despair.

Please observe:

This is a view of the train tracks leading out of Utter Despair, N.J. It is quite a scenic stop for commuters and, for travelers, thankfully, the train goes through very rapidly.


Near the train tracks is a factory that collects the tears of homeless children and turns the moisture into some sort of wrinkle reducing facial cream sold on Home Shopping Networks. The children are well compensated with Happy Meals and carbonated beverages.


This is a view from the train track platform to the highway. If you click on the photo with your mouse, you can magnify the shot and see that the train will take you to SUFFERN, New York.
You can go from Utter Despair to Suffern. Get it?
* rimshot *
In the distance you can see a Liquor Store that is usually robbed each month.


Robert said...

Perhaps I shall take pictures of the Ennis train station for comparison!

Dara said...

This is fascinating! All the shots are quite empty and desolate. A perfect picture of Utter Despair! But it looks cool. Keep these blogs coming!

You should post some of these shots on the boards. You can upload them or just embed them from here.

Andrew Grant said...

Wow...never has bleak been so beautiful. Great photos.

Jeremy Mathews said...

How long does it take to get from Utter Despair to Suffern?

Amber said...

Those pictures are lovely in a 'born under a wandrin' star' kind of way.


Thank you, everyone, for you response to this bleak photos that picture Utter Despair. The sky was a beautiful blue, wasn't it?


Please do take some photos of Ennis train station. It's probably very European and rustic.


TF! plans on posting more photos. He knew you wanted to see Utter Despair, NJ

Andrew aka Filmbrain:

THE FUTURIST! has nothing more to write, except he is honored to have your eyes grace this blog and the photos. It was a surprise and he hopes you visit again.


The time it takes to get from Utter Despair to Suffern depends on how deep into Utter Despair you are. The deeper, the longer.


It looks like it's from a Sam Shepard play or a technicolor John Ford movie, doesn't it? It's actually very urban.