Saturday, May 1, 2010

Samstag Musik für Computer-Liebhaber

This Saturday Music post is sung in German by a French singer dressed in a frock that resembles the outfits worn by the cafeteria workers, years ago, at the Henrik Ibsen Middle School in Utter Despair, N.J. - However, none of the slop slinging harridans, that plopped Beef-a-Roni onto the students' lunch plates, looked like the fetching France Gall.

There is an introduction to Ms. Gall, the singer, by a Teutonic Master of Ceremonies, which THE FUTURIST! cannot decipher. In fact, THE FUTURIST! has no idea what the song is about ... well, it is about a computer ... but, otherwise, THE FUTURIST! has no clue ... he just likes the sound, the look and the stoic German audience.


performed by France Gall


Dara said...

Oh my.

Dara said...

The guy at 2:38 pulls a Webby.

And the guy at 2:40 sums up the video nicely.