Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Music that Inspires Juvenile Antics

Many moons ago, THE YOUNG FUTURIST!, while visiting his young friends in North Haledon, N.J., found himself rummaging through their father's record collection. He found the record you, Dear Reader, shall listen to below ... SKY HIGH by Jigsaw.

THE YOUNG FUTURIST!'s friends were so clever in their manic adventures together. They made films together, went on mysterious camping trips and tried to sync up records to people talking in films on television. And they laughed and laughed. It was a silly juvenile time of thoughtless hi-jinx that provided escape from school and life. It was a time that THE FUTURIST! has given thought to in recent days. He recalls, specifically, when they found this record below and played it and decided it would make it a great James Bond-like opening song (of sorts). THE YOUNG FUTURIST! and his pals concocted a dry opening sequence, performed it on Kodak film, had it developed and then played the song as the film unspooled before their eyes on a white sheet tacked to the basement wall. THE YOUNG FUTURIST! and his friends were elated. Ah, the past ... it is gone but it can be recalled to blot the misery of the present.


performed by Jigsaw

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Dara said...

Ah, yes. I know this tune. It does has some very Bond-like elements. It would be cool to see that opening!

Good bit of Saturday Disco Music.