Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Music from Across the Ocean

THE FUTURIST! may have stated before that he usually relies on others to add to his appreciation and knowledge of music. Friends and associates who know THE FUTURIST! will recommend melodies they believe he will enjoy. This has happened after he was introduced to The Smiths, The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon) and Vampire Weekend. THE FUTURIST! is always exploring new and old films and reading about them and watching them and using his own curiosity and love for cinema to advance his cranium storage on one of his true passions. Music is very important, also, to THE FUTURIST!, but he does not seek it out ... it comes to him through happenstance or the kindness of others.

In this regard, today's Saturday Music post is provided by THE FUTURIST!'s European associate, The Gentleman of Leisure, who was kind enough to interrupt his mercurial stressless life to bring this song by The Zombies to his attention. THE FUTURIST! was aware of The Zombies and their songs, but had never heard this particular tune. It has the elements THE FUTURIST! admires in his music ... Pop-like with orchestral instrumentation (listen for that trumpet) and a hint of melancholy. The Gentleman may be seeing a concert by The Zombies this evening. Ah, the life of The Gentleman ... THE FUTURIST! envies it with an ache in his heart ... * sigh *


performed by The Zombies


Dara said...

Just got my ticket there! Hopefully they'll play this.

PS - that trumpet is missing in the stereo re-issue of Odessy and Oracle, as they didn't have a master of it or some such. So, you can only hear it on the mono version. Little bit of trivia there!

Mike said...

This is glorious. I was familiar with the OK Go cover of this (listenable here: and liked it a lot, but never knew it was a Zombies song originally.


It is wonderfully re-playable.