Monday, April 26, 2010

"Yes, Darling, I'm Just Putting Away This Liquor."

Ah, Nick and Nora Charles and their drinking.
Solving mysteries and mixing cocktails.

What a life.

THE FUTURIST! especially likes how Nick Charles
has 5 martinis and is still lucid.
The kicker for THE FUTURIST! is the clip
where pre-school Nicky Jr encourages his Dad to drink.


Robert said...

What film is this? It looks hilarious.

Dara said...

They always make drinking look so classy and appealing. In fact, a lot of older Hollywood films do.

Also, the word verification I had to type in spelled out "Regan". Like Jack Regan, rather than Ronald Reagan. Much cooler.



Those are little moments from all THE THIN MAN movies. Not one film, but several.