Friday, April 23, 2010

Karaoke Night

While on vacation THE FUTURIST! has relaxed, suffered from a debilitating stye in his right eye, watched movies and drank liquor. But, it's, also, always a pleasure to visit THE THIRD MAN Cinema Pub in Utter Despair for a Fritz Lang Lager and the joys and pains of Karaoke Night. Please watch and listen to the singer below who approaches the theme song to the James Bond film THUNDERBALL with great gusto and verve. If you can stand it, please stay until the very end note that he expels for a very very very very very very long time. It's amazing. THE FUTURIST! kept drinking throughout the performance ... and in the restroom ... and in the parking lot.


Dara said...

I thought his head was going to explode, like in the theme from Spy Hard!


You gotta love his passion.